1. An Overview Of Immigration Information In The United States – Part Two

    Immigration in the United States is a very hot topic right now. You’ve probably seen the protests due to the current bans on some countries in the Middle East. You’ve probably seen the many hardworking people at the airports trying to bring back in citizens who are a part of this country, but are not allowed in because of their religion and where they come from. If you…Read More

  2. An Overview Of Immigration Information In The United States – Part One

    America was built on immigrants coming to this country, which is why we are such a versatile nation that stands out from other countries around the world. What makes America great is the melting pot of diversity, especially in New York City. If you’re an immigrant in America during the current turmoil, then you’re probably feeling frightened and unsure of the future, w…Read More

  3. Learn About Deportation From An Immigration Lawyer

    As we enter the new year and edge toward getting a new President, it can be a little scary not knowing the exact terms for deportation in this new regime. No matter what political stance you take, if you are an immigrant, it can be scary not knowing the future that’s in store for you and your family. If you’re an immigrant, you should be aware of all of the rights that…Read More

  4. What Should You Ask An Immigration Lawyer?

    Deciding on an immigration lawyer can be an unnerving decision. If you’ve never had to choose a lawyer before or don’t know the process in America, then the unknown procedure can be even scarier. At Zohar Law PLLC, we want to give you the opportunity to ask us all of the questions you need to ask an immigration lawyer so you’re well versed in the immigration process …Read More

  5. What Is The Violence Against Women Act?

    Coming to a new country can be hard when you don’t know the customs or the culture. America was founded on people searching for a better life with freedom, which is what immigrants search for to this day when they come to this country. America is filled with opportunities to take advantage of, but if you don’t know your rights as an immigrant you don’t know all of th…Read More

  6. What Is A Special Immigrant Juvenile Status?

    It can be difficult coming to a new country. There’s new food, a new culture, and a new way of living. However, America was founded on immigrants coming to a country and wanting a new way of living to try to have a better life. When you come to America, like many immigrants do, it can be difficult obtaining and learning about immigration information. If you’re an immig…Read More

  7. Immigration Filing Fees Increase

    On December 23, 2016 USCIS is raising almost all of its application filing fees.  USCIS is run almost entirely by the fees they collect through filed applications. The last time these fees were raised was on November 2010.  Call Zohar Law for a free consultation and to understand the new filing fees. https://www.uscis.gov/forms/our-fees…Read More

  8. Welcome To Our Blog!

    Welcome to our blog! We look forward to educating you about the ins and outs of immigration law and how an immigration lawyer can assist you in your specific situation. Our law firm is not like other immigration law firms. First, our lawyers are dedicated to making a positive difference in your life. Second, our immigration lawyers are filled with genuine care and dependab…Read More