Overriding the requirements that would automatically preclude these special petitioners from obtaining green cards, the Special Immigrant Juveniles provisions of immigration law allows juveniles who have been abused or abandoned the right to seek a green card. Though this process can be quite complicated, it can provide quick access to permanent resident status for these children in need.

Because those applying for Special Immigrant Juvenile status must be considered to be minor, it is imperative that those advocating for the juvenile apply before the 21st birthday of the child in question. Plus, though there are advantages to obtaining this status for those abused or abandoned juveniles, there are disadvantages that need to be taken into consideration before the process is completed.

By acting as a legal advocate as well as a resource, we can help those needing to file for Special Immigrant Juvenile status by ensuring that every step of the process is handled with seamless professionalism and care. Should you know a juvenile that is in this unusual but precarious situation, please reach out to Zohar Law Firm. We can help ensure the safety and security of the young person involved. For more information on how to get a green card or on immigration information, call (866) 318-0044